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Health Benefits of Neem: Ayurveda

The Importance of Neem Plants and Homamade Neem Churna.

Neem is a wonder plant, don’t you agree? From contributing to hale and hearty health to bringing in opulence and joy, the plant is popular for varied reasons. When the benefits are these many, it does call for a celebration, right? This is why the onset of Chaitra paves the way for the festivities to roll in. Marking the beginning is ‘Neem Day.’ Also popular as Gudi Padwa in Maharashtra, the first day of Chaitra is reckoned truly auspicious.

Neem is one ideal for curing bacterial diseases, asthma, ulcers, diabetes, leprosy and malaria. It also improves blood circulation and maintains oral hygiene and health. Apart from this it may also be used as a contraceptive in certain cases.  We know Health benefits of eating neem leaves and using neem oil, powder and tablets.

Health Benefits of Neem: Ayurveda

1.Neem Contains antibacterial Properties.

2. Cotrol our diabetes.

3. Helps to cure Athma.

4. Helps to cure Leprosy.

5. Helps to maintain oral Hygiene and health.

6. Helps to Increase blood circulation.

7. Helps to maintain our detal problems.

8. Remove Dandruff.

9. Helps to treats our skin problem.

10. Helps to relax our tired eyes.

11. Anticeptic solution.

Covid Pandemic situation : we must take care of ourselves and our family members. Stay safe at home. 

 Ayurved churna made by our Dadi (Grandma) at home.

Ingrediants :

Neem leaves 10/12, partially crushed.

1 Table spoon Coriander/Cilantra ( Dhania ) partially crushed.

Crushed Jaggery powder (as per your test)

Mix it well.

This mixture/Churna is very useful to boost our immunity.

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